Letters to the Editor 11.05.17


We Democrats are poised to create a branding issue when one did not previously exist. The indelible history of Democratic policies is that the policies are well-liked and poll extremely well. That is not limited to Medicare and Medicaid, but "ObamaCare" is a good example. From 2010 through 2013, polls consistently showed that, when referred to as the Affordable Care Act and/or exposed to specific provisions of the Act, it polled as high as 80%. When referred to as "ObamaCare," that support dropped significantly.

While I did not support him, Sen. Bernie Sanders did a good job of pointing out that the top 1% of American households hold as much wealth as the bottom 90% combined. When Americans were polled on his specific policies without assigning labels to them, they too polled extremely well. Assign them the label "socialism" and favorable polling dropped significantly. (A 2018 Gallup poll demonstrated that only 17% of Americans knew what socialism actually meant.)

As a graduate student, I am interested in why a static policy idea’s popularity changes simply by assigning it a label. As a Democrat, I wonder why we continue to push these labels when the underlying policies are, in and of themselves, wildly popular but the labels are not. The recent college admissions scandal educated us on something important: opportunity is, by and large, bought and sold by the wealthy, for the wealthy. Electoral success depends on whether Democrats focus on fixing this problem or, instead, focus on defending labels.

Joel Warne, Tyler


Join me on a walk for a look at a small piece of Tyler paradise. We’ll start on Princedale where the newly completed ($4.5 million) Legacy Trail crosses going south. At 130 feet down the hill, we enter a thick green forest of majestic oaks and towering pines.

Another 150 feet and a road clearing marks where Hollytree Drive will cross in the future. To the right of the trail, fronting on Hollytree will be future apartments by the crystal clear spring creek that originates a short distance west near the million-dollar mansions in Barrett Heights, a part of Oak Hollow.

To the left is an old lake where the dam broke from neglect. It could cheaply be a lake better than “Three Lakes." Lots for mansions on these hillsides overlooking this lake would easily sell for $200,000 each if not so close to proposed apartments!

In the next half mile we come to several shady side trails teaming with wildlife — deer, raccoons, possums, birds, armadillos, rabbits and even some cougar tracks! Finally we come to a neat historic Civil War cemetery.

Did any of the Tyler Planning and Zoning committee go on the ground to view this destructive zoning change? I doubt it, unless it was a golf cart ride down Legacy Trail. What a pity for Genecov to fail to see the upscale values over apartments. Will the Tyler City Council amend the plan and save nearby homeowners' values at 9 a.m. on April 24? Many hope so!

Harry Bergman, Tyler


Notre Dame’s Crown of Thorns saved by the Grace (power) of God! Why?


The Crown of Thorns is a symbol representing the blows of life inflicted upon Him and us all by others, yet, as He did, keeping his integrity — his honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love — intact for the benefit of others, which is the Christian Way of Life — meaning “IN CHRIST."

Being “IN CHRIST” does not mean we are to become doormats for others to wipe their feet on, as we too must trudge the road to happy destiny while enduring the blows of life as He did, keeping our own God-given honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love intact (the guardians of our inner sanity) which we received at our inception and birth as a gift.

This flows through ALL sects, and is not a property and any sect, but a living presence accessible TO ALL. Reach for it! Then simply say “THANK YOU."

R.M. Trowbridge Jr., Tyler


The Democrats must move on to updating current critical immigration laws to protect our borders and the future of America! Otherwise the Democrats will brand themselves as “un-American obstructionists.” They would be sure losers in the 2020 election, no matter who the Democratic nominees for president and Congress are.

The Mueller investigation is over and Democrats must move on to solving critical problems that past politicians of both parties have created. In particular, border security, immigration laws and trade policies.

Harry Bergman, Tyler


Current District 6 TISD Trustee Fritz Hager is a leader of character. For 33 years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to live, work and serve next to Mr. Hager in multiple situations: at West Point, as Army officers, working together in a Fortune 50 company, as church leaders, as husbands and as fathers.

Elections come down to comparisons. It’s hard for anyone to compare to Fritz Hager in three important areas — service, leadership and experience.

1. Service: He has never stopped serving his country, his state and his hometown for 33 years — West Point cadet, combat veteran (Silver Star), prison ministry volunteer, Texas State Guard (deployed after Hurricane Harvey), foster parent and four years as TISD trustee.

2. Leadership: He steps forward to lead even when others hesitate — Army officer, corporate CEO, executive pastor, regimental chaplain in Texas State Guard and twice-elected TISD School Board president.

3. Experience: His military record, business successes as CEO of an education-based, multi-million-dollar company, local and statewide ministry impact and the tangible progress of TISD under his guidance are all remarkable.

Please vote on or before May 4. When you vote, remember to compare service, leadership and experience. Fritz Hager’s life makes it hard for anyone else to compare. Feel free to contact me at daveanderson1988@gmail.com if you need to know more about why I have such confidence in Fritz Hager and his leadership and candidacy for District 6 TISD trustee.

Dave Anderson, Tyler


First of all let me say that the following is meant as jest, except for the last paragraph.

What is it with the city of Tyler recognizing Good Friday as a holiday? No trash pick-up? Is this not discrimination by a public entity? Surely there are a lot of citizens with a peeve to pick!

God bless Tyler! And God bless the USA!

T. Ray Hunt, Tyler


Remembering “Mom and Dad” days will soon be here. As a senior mom I’d like to pass on some suggestions.

Please, no more dust collectors or pets. If it needs to be fed, watered or dusted, I don’t want it. Give pets a break; they don’t need to be with someone who can barely take of themselves.

Run the vacuum for mom, dust places she can’t reach. For dad, yard work is great or fix things that he is not able to handle.

Hope this note brightens some senior's day.

Ann Mitchell, Tyler


In reference to the man who was offended by the Bible verse, first of all, he doesn’t have to read it. Personally, it’s the first thing I look at and I appreciate it being there.

Perhaps that man should move to godless California. I for one am thankful for God-fearing Texas.

JoAnn Eaton, Athens

In response to the article on Editorial Page Sunday, April 7,2019:

The Tyler Morning Telegraph does not claim to be a denominational newspaper. It is a newspaper for all residents of the area.

The Bible verse is a wonderful addition to the newspaper, and if a reader does not want to read it, he does not have to read it.

I have lived in the Tyler area all of my life (73 years), and this paper has been around over 100 years.

We are not a democracy.

We are a republic.

Irene Gulliams, Tyler

Thank you for having a Bible verse in the newspaper each day.

America is a Christian nation, no matter your beliefs.

We are very blessed to be American citizens where even all our currency has “In God We Trust” on it.

God Bless,

Cheryl Losure, Whitehouse

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