Wednesday was interesting at the newspaper. As I flipped on the computer, checked my emails and took that first sip of coffee, one of the “on this day in history” alerts came up on social media.

The Democratic Party in East Texas is proud to celebrate the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of these great United States of America. Joe Biden, along with Kamala Harris as Vice President, is inheriting a country that is torn apart and hurting. An entire generation has grown …

The Starrville Methodist Church has 12 members. On any given Sunday, some of those members might attend another church in the area or instead a Tuesday prayer group at the church.

If you have not heard it yet, we made a mistake. It was a big one. It was not the first time we have made a mistake and unfortunately it will probably not be the last time either.

Fourth of July celebrations combine observance of the nation’s birthday, spirited displays of patriotism and appreciation for the country’s heritage, salutes to America’s Founders and those who have kept it strong and pledges to keep freedom ringing.

Veterans Day is a well-known American holiday, but there are also a few misconceptions about it — like how it’s spelled or whom exactly it celebrates. To clear some of that up, here are the important facts you should know.

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