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It seems socks are the new ties.

If you haven’t done any shopping lately, the designs for socks have gone completely over the edge.

It’s bad enough, now, that I noticed a sock display in one of the terminal shops at Love Field during a recent trip. Before you know it, they’ll be at the counter at Bucees and maybe even the Blue Store in Noonday.

I don’t know a lot of folks who wear ties anymore unless there is a wedding or a funeral. The design world always adapts. In fact, the other key area I’m noticing is flamboyant eyewear for those of us who need reading glasses.

Back in the day, socks, such as my most vivid pair which are orange with zebras for contrast, would only be worn by the most avant-garde (an intelligentsia that develops new or experimental concepts especially in the arts).

Fashionistas. You probably just thought of that person you know who is the first to take fashion risks or is simply a slave to the latest rage. My friend Gaylord comes to mind.

Some people just have a flair for coloring outside the lines. It must be distressing when what they have considered de rigueur (prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom) becomes mainstream. In fact, to be different now, the only real option would be to return to basic black and blue and brown socks. Or perhaps no socks at all.

My grandmother protested my lack of socks with penny loafers back in my college days and summed up her disdain for my choice by characterizing the topic as being about “people who don’t wear socks…” They must have been a wretched lot the way she painfully uttered it.

Socks now go for as much as $30 a pair. Pretty much what ties used to cost. Buy a fancy tie these days and you might get an offer from your credit union to finance it and give you a free credit report. The same is true with reading glasses. There are those bundles you can buy at Sam’s for those who literally keep them everywhere, but they just don’t look as good as the fancy ones.

Readers these days have even bridged gender distinctions. Men would have had to regard themselves as Metrosexuals to don some of the choices everyone wears these days. But the fences are down, and if anyone feels the urge to explain themselves, at this point, no one really cares.

Carry on world and throw some more paint on the canvas of life.

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