Is It Just Me? Making the most of the day

By Nelson Clyde

It's that time of year again.

The dogwoods and azaleas are blooming.

You don't know whether to run the heat or the air conditioning.

It's hard to tell whether it is time for summer or winter clothes.

You have to watch the forecast like a hawk.

One thing is for sure: If dogwoods are blooming, the crappie are probably biting.

Better get the cane poles and floppy hats dusted.

There is a group of trees that has caught my attention. Each morning while stretching at the gym, I get to see them in kind of an upside-down perspective. The time-lapse photos in my mind have seen the branches begin to sprout new growth. It gives one a sense of life springing forth.

Summer is just around the corner, but this is the sweet spot of the year, along with its fall counterpart sometime in October. This time of year is the bonus we get for enduring the worst of what summer has to offer.

If you suffer from allergies, there is probably a pill for it. Who knows? Soon there may be an allergy app for your iPhone or android device. Wouldn't that be handy?

There are so many apps out there to tell you everything in the world you ever wanted to know. It makes you wonder how many people are using them to maximize all the things they are supposed to bring to the table.

There may be an app that tells you fish are biting, but you still have to hook the dang thing, land it, clean it and cook it. That would require more than any app has to offer at this point in the technology curve.

A weather app will tell you the forecast, but you still have to get up and get going to enjoy a beautiful day.

If you think about it, corks were some of the earliest apps developed to indicate a fish was taking the bait.

It is doubtful an app is necessary to remind people to plant tomatoes and other vegetables vital to upcoming months.

You can use this column today as your app for a prompting to do any of the items mentioned above. Today is a day to enjoy living in the last great place.




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