Is It Just Me? Dog days around the corner?

By Nelson Clyde

It hit me on the walk back from lunch on Friday. The sweltering days of summer have arrived. The next few days promise to get close to triple digits, and then we may find relief from rain bringing things down in the low 90s for a bit.

Standing on the sidewalk Friday in front of our building I looked at my lunch companions and said, "Do you feel this?" It wasn't even necessary to ask if it was just me.

After the fourth of July, summer always seems to move a little quicker toward that blessed day when kids return to school.

Our summer has been pretty quiet this year compared to many others.

When the heat arrives you always start to see those cartoons or funny quotes about the heat, such as "Someone said he saw a bird pulling a worm out of the ground with an oven mitt."

People start getting a little frantic about taking trips if they haven't planned one by now. Our summer trips with the kids usually involved a 12-hour drive to the Destin area or the longer trek to parts of Colorado. Now that all of our kids can drive we are out of the road trip business. How ironic.

The only family member who really is up for a road trip is our Schnoodle Chloe. The last time we decided on a spur of the moment run down to Houston to see Sarah, we had no option to board Chloe and to her delight let her come with us.

She perched herself on the console of the car for the entire trip. We kept trying to get her to sit in the backseat with Jamie but she wanted to be in her spot. You really can't blame her because it is the same place she gets in when we take her to Andy's to get a puppy cone. It seemed hope sprung eternal for her all the way to Houston and back.

It would make Chloe much more useful if she could drive. It would certainly ruin her diva status in the family to do such pedestrian work but it would sure make things easier on me. Until Elon Musk (the founder/inventor who owns the electric car company Tesla) invents us a car which will drive itself, I guess our road trips will continue to be manually operated.

You have to wonder if Chloe considers this phase the dog days of summer. Perhaps she would find such terminology insensitive or even offensive. Being the diva she is it would not surprise me. Divas don't seem to concern themselves too much about politics or correctness.

Hope your summer stays as cool as possible and don't forget to change the air conditioner filters.


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