Is It Just Me? All I want for Christmas is ...

By Nelson Clyde

So, what do you want?

It's the question you hear a lot at this time of the year. What do you want for Christmas, dad? Sarah (my oldest) is usually the first one to ask. She tunes in to Christmas first of the members of our family. Her list is usually taking form near Labor Day.

Much of what I want these days cannot be purchased in a store.

There is a small stand of trees in my neighborhood that puts on a show every fall. I always think I'm going to stop and take a picture, or even ask one of our photographers to get by and identify the perfect moment of light so we can share it with our readers.

The reds and yellows of the trees are magnificent in the morning sun. It takes the death of the leaves to produce the hues each year. When the new growth emerges in the spring it is not nearly as beautiful, only reassuring a new season is on the way.

I want them to stay that way just a little longer so I can enjoy them just a bit more. One day someone will buy the lot they occupy, and they will vanish in the name of progress.

Our kids were all home for the holiday this week. We spent more time as family doing things together than we have in months. We decorated the Christmas tree while savoring the smooth sounds of Nat King Cole singing Christmas carols. Of course there was the Peanuts Christmas CD. It was a Norman Rockwell moment, however brief.

I want more of that.

After Thanksgiving dinner it was my turn to hold my great-niece. She slept peacefully cradled in my arms with her head back and her mouth slightly open. It was a portrait of peace and contentment. Sleeps like a baby?

I want more of that.

It seems there is endless droning about what the government is going to do about the health care boondoggle. In the meantime it seems people continue to receive care for their health needs and babies are arriving every day. The endless blame game fills the airways and commentators spar over its future.

I want less of that.

Thanksgiving was late this year spurring talking heads to wonder whether it will affect retail sales or if the job market will have a greater impact. Perhaps they are all wrong and it's quantitative easing that is the culprit. Retailers face this scenario in different flavors every season without respect to who is right or wrong in advance of the selling season. Here is an idea. Add the sales at the end of the season and see who wins and who is closest. Useless energy expended on equally useless information.

I want less of that.

My wife and I celebrated our 27th anniversary this week — a milestone that arrived rather quickly, and a timely reminder to celebrate the good stuff and ignore the rest.

I want more of that.

Maybe this will help give Sarah an idea of what I want.





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