Is It Just Me? Advice we could all use

By Nelson Clyde

nder the heading of advice we could all use, just when you think you've got it all figured out everything will change.

For instance, last week my column was a call for everyone to brace themselves for the dog days of summer. It would seem to be a safe topic in the middle of July for a place in northeast Texas.

So what happened? A cold front came in that made me feel like I was on a vacation in Colorado. Who knew? Not me, obviously.

There is an old saw about the weather in Texas that suggests something along the lines of if you don't like the weather give it a little while and it'll probably change.

Frankly it must be tough to be a weatherman around here. You never see anyone testing to see how accurate those folks are compared to say the weather channel App or its website. Such inanimate entities are fine to weather scrutiny but a real weather predictor around here must need a good shrink or a supportive spouse or both.

You have to have a sense of humor to make it through this life. If you take yourself too seriously there are too many things to humble you, especially if you have children. It seems our children know us well enough to keep us humble even when they are little things.

The older they get the more stinging the criticism. It makes one understand the need for the arrival of some grandchildren in order to keep the circle of life honest.

It would be tempting to make predictions about such concrete matters as school starting again soon or weather warming up, or even whether the economy is likely to improve or decline.

The older I become the less prone I feel to making prognostications. In the past people might ask what thoughts I had on things five, or even 10 years in the future. It felt great to give answers to such lofty ideals in those days.

More often than not when such questions arise I find my first response is, if it is during the daytime, to say that I'm not real sure what I will eat for dinner that evening and it seems foolish to speculate beyond that. Plus, some decisions are risky to make on an empty stomach.

It seems preferable rather than getting too busy about predictions, it may be better to focus on the present and the pronouncements it deserves.

Pronouncements focused on people, built on such things as faith, hope and love seem a much better expenditure of energy than all that other noise.

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