Is it just me? A lot of baloney

Nelson Clyde,

In the past week, we had a lengthy discussion of what things in this life are better or worse than they once were.

Readers were encouraged to submit their notions of such things.

Your responses are listed below:

Sylvia's lists




Baylor Bears


Golf clubs

Shopping in Tyler

Animal rescue and adoption


Airline travel


Respect for elderly

Texas Longhorns

Early marketing of holidays

Phyllis' list


Heated seats in cars

Cake mixes

Bringing back our TV schedule in the Tyler newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Traffic in Tyler

Light bulbs. They are just TOO confusing! Which ones go in which fixture? How bright will they be? And … they cost, HOW MUCH?

One thing left out of my list was thermostats. In my youth, it could cause a minor freak-out by my dad if we left the house with the air running or the lights on. Too bad he isn't here to see all those things can now be controlled by your iPhone. A constant refrain about the light bill was noted when we were leaving the house to the effect of how we were just throwing money at TP&L (Texas Power and Light).

Our air conditioner was pretty much on 78, if I am recalling correctly, and the heat was set low enough that my request from Santa one year was an electric blanket.

Once I got married and we stayed at our in-laws house on visits from Austin, I came to realize the thermostat would go as low as 65. My mother-in-law's standard refrain was, "I'm not going to be hot in my own house."

Most of those visits ended up with me getting a sinus infection from the cold. When Jamie and Joan came to visit us in Austin, our house was adequately warm enough that a window got hoisted in their room late one night setting off the burglar alarm. It takes all kinds to make this world keep spinning.

The microwave was surely an invention for the ages. It is hard to estimate how many hot dogs we watched go through wild contortions while cooking in the microwave. Urban legend, at the time, suggested you could lose your eyesight from watching anything cook through the glass in the microwave.

That was even before Lasik surgery came along. It may be safe to say we were the Rice Road Brookshire's most prolific consumers of hot dogs on a per capita basis.

We even took down our share of baloney sandwiches. But we did not fry them ala John Moore's childhood memories.

My dad could eat a baloney sandwich and invariably say something such as, "that's the best baloney sandwich I've had in a long time." Really dad? It's baloney, I would think. He was a man of simple pleasures. It has been so long since I had a baloney sandwich, I am not in a position to say whether it has gotten better or worse over time.

The older I get the more that respect for the elderly thing resonates. The things kids get away with these days.

And yes, Phyllis, we brought back the TV book, thanks to a lot of faithful advertisers who underwrote it. Please do business with them so we can all be happy together.


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