Holy Guacamole! Is this the end of the world?


Sports Illustrated has long featured a column entitled "Another sign the apocalypse is upon us."

Last week, two encounters drove the point home, neither of which involves Trump or (a) Clinton.

First, in a stunning move, a sign in the window of both taqueria Don Juan locations notified customers they would not be serving guacamole salads until avocado prices come down.

It was a bit confusing because they still serve avocado with dishes that come with the fruit and the traditional scoop of guacamole with an order of Fajitas.

But if you just want an worder of their fabulous guacamole, you will have to wait for a downward move in the avocado market.

A meal at Don Juan's is simply not the same without their guacamole. In fact, in a visit with Angel Alfaro (son-in-law of the proprietor), who mans the cash register at the East Erwin location, I shared with him it is my favorite guacamole.

In my youth, I could say the same thing about the guacamole at El Charro, but my taste has come to regard the product at Don Juan as the current epitome of the stuff.

Angel explained, in detail, how prices have skyrocketed lately due to drought and labor strikes. When I pressed him to simply raise prices or surcharge desperate patrons, such as myself, he stuck to his guns and said, when prices get in line, they will return to full production.

On the face of things, we all want to tell others how they ought to do things, but something he did not say caught my attention. We discussed the fact the style of food at his establishment is more interior-style Mexican food than the Tex-Mex at many establishments. Therefore, his clientele is made of people who are looking for a taste of home and those locals who have converted over the years.

While a customer such as me, may not care if the guacamole is $9.99, others may take offense. It's a calculated gamble, but at the end of the argument, Angel may be on to something. To quote Keating Zeppa, "maybe that's just the way the tortilla crumbles."

After a pleasant visit, Angel and I agreed, that with rising avocado prices and the Cubs winning the World Series, the end may be nearer than we know.

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