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Leo Rossler, Special to Tyler Morning Telegraph

We strive to keep you informed with accurate and helpful information. Over the last decade, Social Security’s communications strategy has evolved to include electronic messages, through our social media channels. You can share Social Security information, including links to our online tools, with a click of a button.

Using Facebook, we can reach millions of people on a platform they’re familiar with and comfortable navigating. We can cross generational divides as we encourage users to share their personal experiences with Social Security programs, such as disability, survivors, and retirement benefits. You can follow us and repost our articles at www.facebook.com/socialsecurity.

Our newest social media outlet is our Instagram account. As we do on Facebook, we share stories and resources that can help you and your loved ones. Check out our new Instagram page at www.Instagram.com/SocialSecurity

Have you seen us on YouTube? Our diverse collection of videos covers veterans’ benefits, online services, retirement, Social Security scams, and much more. We also offer more in-depth instructions about filing disability claims. Some of our videos are in Spanish as well. You can view and easily share our videos at www.youtube.com/SocialSecurity.

Twitter is another powerful tool we use to keep people informed. We use it to announce new my Social Security features and other service or program changes. You can join our many followers at www.twitter.com/socialsecurity.

You also should check out our blog, Social Security Matters. You can subscribe and read up-to-date columns about programs, policy, and people like you who are helped by Social Security every day. Read more at blog.socialsecurity.gov.

Connecting with us on social media helps you share important information and knowledge with the people you care about. Follow along and share our pages with someone who you want to positively affect today. See all of our social media channels at www.socialsecurity.gov/socialmedia. If you have questions, our number is 1-800-772-1213. The Tyler office is located at 5509 S. Donnybrook Ave.

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