Children Are A Gift: Friendly boy needs loving home

Cody, 12, is an animal lover seeking a forever family

The New Year is only a couple days away and one East Texas boy is hoping for big things in 2017 - mainly a new family.Kody is getting close to becoming a teenager. It's a critical time in his life when he needs the support of a forever family.

Kody is a friendly boy who enjoys adventure. He's also an animal lover.“Turtles are my favorite cause when I was little with my real family we had a lot of turtles," he said. Kody is hoping for a pet someday. A furry one though."I love me some dogs," he noted with a big smile.This 12-year-old enjoys being outside camping or playing football.He's also creative and can fill a notebook quickly."When I draw I just draw what comes into my mind."

His favorite subject in the 7th-grade is math. He needs a family who can be an advocate for him in the educational setting."School is going good. I make the A/B (honor roll)," he shared proudly. Kody has been in foster care a long time.

"It's been hard not having a family," he said. But he's making the most of his time while waiting for a forever family."The good thing is I've made a lot of friends," replied Kody. And he's turning his outlook and attitude around."I'm happy. I get in trouble sometimes. I’m getting better though. I really want a family to know that I can behave so that they can have a good family."

Kody is anxious to grow up and start a new journey in his life. He does best with clear and consistent boundaries and positive reinforcement.

For 2017, he's hoping for unconditional love that comes from being adopted. “Because I want a family!"Kody has an older sister who is not part of his adoption, but it's important to him to remain in contact with her.To learn more about Kody, join Gillian Sheridan for her Children are a Gift report at 6 p.m. Tuesday on CBS19 News at 6 and Wednesday on CBS19 This Morning. You can get information about East Texas children waiting for a forever family by calling 903-533-4242 or email

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