A lot of people were interested in the birth of the daughter to Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes II in Kansas City this week.

It wasn’t just in East Texas, where the local-kids-did-good story is popular. With Patrick’s ascension to the best player in the NFL and a Super Bowl MVP, he’s suddenly one of the most popular figures in the nation.

Patrick and Brittany had a baby girl, Sterling Skye Mahomes. She joins the family with Steel and Silver, their pit bull and cane corso.

The dogs are so popular they have their own Instagram page and over 214,000 followers.

When Patrick and Brittany were dating in high school at Whitehouse, Patrick was deciding between baseball and football in college. Brittany was a soccer star and signed a professional contract after her career at UT Tyler.

There was no way to expect the world would be interested down the road if they were engaged, if Brittany would be pregnant or in photos of their child.

But the world was interested for the right reasons. Patrick carries himself with class, has done all the right things on and off the field, and they show the world their human side on social media.

Brittany posts funny photos of Patrick napping after a workout with the dogs. She has a lot of fun cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs and is a true fan. She resonates with other fans who are as passionate as she is.

Patrick’s brother, Jackson became famous on the Tik Tok app on his own. It led to an apparel line hilariously called “unathletic.” But again, it’s popular because it shows they are just as regular as everyone else.

Being a mom to a girl is special. For Patrick’s mother, Randi Mahomes, she had the chance to see her first granddaughter, which is also very special. Her reactions were also pure and resonated with everyone who has experienced that moment and feeling. Brittany's mom is likely feeling the same joy as new grandmother as well. 

What is interesting is how the family enjoys posting photos and videos of their lives, and then interacting with many people on social media. There is a difference though. Combined they have over 12 million followers on different platforms.

When you have the ability to make fans feel like friends, you are doing something right. They are doing it right.

Brittany and Patrick have not posted a photo of Sterling yet, but Brittany posted something interesting. She said, “We will share photos of her when we feel the time is right. I know the internet will instantly take the photos of her and share everywhere so just preparing myself for my newborn baby girl to be shared to the world! Right now we are soaking in every minute with her.”

A few years ago, I doubt she ever thought she would have to post that. Brittany is a successful entrepreneur with her fitness line and other products, plus she is a part owner of a women’s professional soccer team in Kansas City. It’s a life she still would have had with Patrick if he was a back-up quarterback in the NFL.

When the family shared photos, there was joy. We shared that joy with our readers in East Texas. There are so many friends and friends-of-friends of Patrick and Brittany who love seeing the updates.

When they are back home, it’s great to see they can visit restaurants on the square in Tyler or go out with family without fanfare. And Kansas City has been good to the family with the transition as well.

My hope is, they can continue to comfortably share fun and relatable moments with everyone. I hope when they visit New York City or Los Angeles, they are given the same privacy and respect as they get when they visit family or friends in Kansas City or Texas.

If and when the parents want to share photos is up to them. Until then, we will enjoy the dogs, the fun moments and of course, waiting for the next dance Jackson decides to go viral.

John Anderson is the regional editor of the Tyler Morning Telegraph and the Longview News-Journal. He can be reached at janderson@mrobertsmedia.com.


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John is a two-time national columnist of the year and AP award-winner in Texas and New York for breaking news, videos and sports. He earned the Thomas J. Bulson Investigative Journalism award and has appeared on CNBC's American Greed, FOX and CNN.