In the summer of 1977, I was finally old enough to get my first job. My first real job, that is.

The brains of men and women couldn’t be more different. I’m sure that by pairing the two, the Good Lord above has had lots of laughs.

Remember when you’d visit family and they’d pull out the slide projector for the three-hour presentation of their trip to Carlsbad Caverns and Dodge City?

The chrome Pop-R hit the water just inches from the bank. Just a twitch of the topwater lure and it looked like a parting of the seas as the big bass swirled on the bait. This was not one of the 1-pounders that had been slapping at bait for the last half-hour. This was a bass.

What has happened to this great country? We once held high standards for ourselves. But no more.

Planes used to be a means of travel for the rich. You’d see people in the movies or on TV flying first-class with five-course meals, champagne, cloth napkins, cocktails, and a nice restroom at the back of the plane.

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