Tomato cultivars are ranked into two different categories, depending on their growth habits. Determinant tomatoes (‘BHN 589’, ‘Florida 91’, etc.) form a bush about 36 inches high and set a lot of fruit at the same time.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not a rabid tomato eater. Sure, I eat them on hamburgers and in spaghetti sauce but with the exception of Romas for making homemade Aggie hot sauce, I rarely purchase them at the grocery store. The biggest reason is that those from the grocery store are bare…

When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visits Tyler on Thursday evening, he’ll bring a clear and simple message: Texas parents have the right to direct the upbringing—and education—of their children. There’s much, much more to the governor’s plan—and for the future of Texas education.

Creating backyard habitat through the use of native and well adapted plant species not only provides habitat, but also assists in reducing water use as well as the need for potentially harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Texas Wildscapes, coordinated by Texas Parks and Wildlife, is …

It takes a lot of trust to let someone shave your face with a straight razor. But from what the old timers used to say, there’s no better or closer shave.

A tweet from my Facebook and Twitter friend and fellow journalist Adela Jones Holda down in Houston brought back a flood of memories Thursday.

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company is introducing Meta Verified, a paid “blue verification badge” for Facebook and Instagram that will be available later this week. According to the news release, the monthly subscription service includes a verification badge, pr…

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I sure wish there was a way to help ease the burden on some college students, while at the same time getting a little exercise and visiting one of the most beautiful locations in East Texas?”

Spring break is right around the corner, and many families are eager to take time off for a quick escape. Even when you carefully plan and budget for a vacation, additional travel expenses often crop up, thanks to a technique called drip pricing.

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