One of my grandsons has Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD). It’s a mood disorder that causes explosive behavior and is tough to deal with at its worst. Thankfully we haven’t had the daily, multiple meltdowns like we used to in years. His identical twin is autistic and also had man…

Pet Milk was a kitchen staple in most Southern homes in mid-20th Century America. It had as many uses as a coffee can full of bacon drippings.

I am extremely happy to be alive. My wife and I have four beautiful children and four grandchildren. God has blessed me with a life that has been exceptional in many ways. From 20 years in commercial broadcasting, 12 years as a U.S. congressman, and 13 years as vice president of a firearms ballistic company helping build their technology into the leading ballistics identification methodology in the world, it has been a fantastic ride.

America is getting ready to mark our second Juneteenth national federal holiday. Some will focus on the severe pain and death that slavery inflicted on Black people between 1619 and 1865. It would be far more useful, however, to celebrate so much that Black Americans have accomplished since …

I used to pay little attention to the world’s little idiosyncrasies, but now they seem ever present. And it’s more than slightly annoying.

Our Board Chair, Jackie Bruton, likes to say that the Women’s Fund “takes the guesswork out of giving,” and she’s correct. It all begins with our grants process – the heart and soul of our mission – which is underway now.

As a kid, I hated the vegetable garden. If you stood on our back porch, it was to your left. It took up the entire corner of our large yard.

In 1992, I was living in Georgia and traveling the Southeast for a mortgage insurance company. Through a monthly credit card withdrawal, I was a member of several golf courses more than 100 miles from my home in Atlanta. One of those courses was just south of Macon and I pulled into it for n…

I don’t recognize toys anymore. Our grandkids are coming from out of state to visit and I can’t find anything to get them as a surprise.

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