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MARSHALL, Tx. - Whatever the reason may be, some students in Marshall, Texas, are choosing to graduate early through a program that opened this year.

Eighty-two students are enrolled in Marshall Early Graduation School, better known as MEGS. Twenty-four already have diplomas in their hands. MEGS offers flexibility to students who prefer to work at their own pace, whether it’s fast or slow.


The criteria is the same as a traditional high school. It's how they're learning that's different, said MEGS Principal Tracie Robinson.

"Each child is an individual, we set their goals and target dates individually. It gives them the one-on-one attention they cannot get at a larger school,” said Robinson.

Everyone’s journey to graduation is unique.

Sylar Clark loved high school, but wanted to attend college at East Texas Baptist University as soon as possible.

Jada Hardeman’s grades were starting to slip and she needed a one-on-one learning experience to help bring her grades back up.

Ruth Esparza had a baby last year. Becoming a mother and a high school student at the same time was challenging. She credits MEGS for bringing her back on track.

"Coming here helped me a lot, because I was going to take sophomore classes as a junior,” said Esparza. “But I got on track and now I’m a senior, so this really helped me, it helped a lot."

Esparza plans on graduating very soon, Clark and Hardeman already have. They say the early graduation process gave them a kick start on their future without any distractions.

"I was very nervous about it, because I didn't know how it was going to work for me. I'm used to doing hands on things and being in a classroom,” said Clark. “But when I came here and Dr. Robinson showed me the programs, I felt very comfortable."

"The high school wasn't fit for me, I stayed in trouble my past few years. I thought if I came over here to be different, things would be different. I got a lot of help,” said Hardeman.

The program serves 7th-12th grade students in Marshall and surrounding areas. If you would like more information, follow the link here.

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