A loose bull ran through South Waco streets, yards and businesses Tuesday afternoon before two animal control cowboys wrangled it back into a trailer Tuesday afternoon.

The bull belonged to Jason Stewart, 36, and Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said the animal was being vaccinated at the Jager Veterinary Clinic, 2009 Circle Road, when he broke out of the corral and into the streets.

Nolan Conner, 53, chased the bull in a red pickup truck after he saw it running down La Salle Avenue near the Waco traffic circle around 1:00 p.m., he said.

Police received several calls to alert law enforcement almost immediately after the escape, Swanton said.

Conner's red pickup truck sped after the bull, with Conner yielding a whip and lasso with three or four police cars behind him, officers said. The animal ended up in a fenced yard about 45 minutes later at a business called Central Transport at the intersection of South Third Street and Oakwood Avenue.

No one was injured in the chase, but the bull sustained superficial wounds and was bleeding from the chest after he broke through a fence, Swanton said.

"This isn't the first time something like this has happened," he continued. "Animal control does this thing from time to time, but it's normally out in the county."

Swanton said police were concerned primarily about the bull  injuring pedestrians or interfering with traffic.

Once the animal was confined to the business' yard, it took about 10 minutes for animal control officers to arrive on scene with horses and lassos.

"The good thing about living in Texas is that it's not too long after you call a cowboy that you get one coming to you," Swanton said.

It took only about two or three minutes for the animal control officers, Brian Leathers, 42, and Jim Bob Jaster, 29, to wrangle the animal into another vehicle just before 2 p.m.






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