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AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Vandegrift High School Band and Vision Dance Company conducted its 2019 fundraiser generating a record-breaking $103,053 for student activities exceeding a $65,000 campaign goal. The successful fundraiser was powered by, a leading email fundraising solution.

"This has been our most successful fundraiser to date, providing our students with resources for new gear and enabling them to travel," said Mike Howard, Head Band Director at Vandegrift High School. "The students and donors found easy to use and the results speak for themselves. We couldn't be more pleased."

The 400-member team of the Vandegrift Band and Vision Dance Company, recently named Bands of America 2019 Grand Champion, conducts annual fundraisers to offset their numerous expenses including props, travel, music and choreography. This year there were additional expenses associated with the team's travel to Indianapolis for the BOA Grand Nationals finals.

"We were delighted to help the Vandegrift Band and Vision Dance Company exceed their fundraising goals," said Mike Panoff, CEO of and a local resident. "Unlike other sales-based fundraising methods, more than 92% of the raised funds are delivered to the team."

In today's busy world, many organizations such as the award-winning Vandegrift Band and Vision Dance Company are moving away from traditional fundraisers where members sell products to family, friends and neighbors. Door-to-door sales are time-consuming, can be dangerous, and sales often need to be local for delivery purposes. Online fundraising is easy, effective and presents an attractive alternative for busy teams.

Congratulations to the Vandegrift Band and Vision Dance Company named Bands of America 2019 Grand Champion, and on their successful fundraising campaign in support of their outstanding performances. is the leading email fundraising platform for teams, schools, clubs and organizations. With unlimited geographic reach, is an easy and effective fundraising solution. Using the power of the Internet, generates personalized emails that are sent to each team member's family and friends who donate online. Unlike product-based fundraising methods, teams using receive more than 92% of all funds raised. For more information, contact or call 512-522-1338.

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