Liberty Hill University

A new program was recently launched by the City of Liberty Hill as a way to bridge the gap between community and local government.

Communications Manager Katie Amsler said the program, dubbed Liberty Hill University, is a five-session program where the community can come together to learn more about city government functions, services and different departments.

“There were a couple of different goals and reasons for starting this program,” she said. “One being we thought this program would give us valuable feedback into the priorities and needs of residents and what they want to see happen in Liberty Hill.  We also wanted to educate the public on how the City operates in the hopes those people could become advocates and educate others. When there is misinformation out there, it’s nice to have people who understand to help spread awareness.”

Amsler added that another reason for starting the program is city officials felt it would be an effective way to build new leaders.

“We hope to encourage people to join our various boards or commissions, or even run for City Council in the future,” she said.

The five-session program begins in September and runs through January, with one session occurring each month. The sessions will cover general government and finance; water and wastewater infrastructure; police; parks and recreation; and planning and zoning. Amsler said she challenged each department director to make the sessions interactive, collaborative and fun.

Amsler initially thought it would be difficult to fill the program’s 20 available spots, but once she opened registration to the public, the spots filled up within a few hours. Although the fall 2022 Liberty Hill University is now full, she has opened the waiting list for the spring 2023 program.

“We plan on doing the program every fall and spring,” she said. “We don’t have it limited to just people in the city limits, which means anyone in the community, including the ETJ, can sign up. For this round, we have a 9-year-old girl who has signed up as well as a high school freshman. It’s nice to get new people involved in the City.”

Following the five sessions, a graduation will be held for the program’s participants in February. Shortly after that, Amsler said registration for the spring 2023 program will open. Those interested in being a part of the next round can sign up for the waiting list online at


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