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JOAQUIN, Texas – A Joaquin, Texas woman killed over the weekend was missing parts of her body, according to a report in that cites an affidavit filed in the arrests of two of the three people arrested in connection with the homicide.

The affidavit states the victim, Sarah Hopson, 36, had a head wound, and her fingers, toes and ears had been removed and put in freezer bags.

Hopson’s body was found Sunday after deputies arrived at the home of Allen Price and Teresa Louviere on County Road 3635. Her body was wrapped in carpet.

Ethan Kyle Myers, 26, of Joaquin, was initially arrested Monday on a charge of resisting arrest in connection with Hopson’s death. The charge was upgraded to felony 1 murder.

Allen Price

Allen Price

Teresa Louviere

Teresa Louviere

Additionally, Price, 37, of Joaquin, and Teresa Louviere, 51, of Sour Lake, Texas, are charged with tampering/fabricating evidence with intent to impair - human corpse.

All three were arraigned Tuesday in Shelby County Court. Myers’ bond is set at $1 million. Price and Louviere are held on bonds of $250,000 each.

Details of Hopson’s death were included in the affidavit used in the arrest of Price and Louviere. Both went to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday to report concerns that Myers “had done something to Sarah Hopson,” the reported.

Myers had been staying at Price’s and Louviere’s home since Saturday, and on Sunday, according to the affidavit, he was seen leaving with blood on his person. The couple said Hopson had not been seen since Saturday and they were concerned for her safety. reported that the affidavit goes on to outline what appears to be an attempt to cover up Hopson’s death. Someone painted the bedroom where her body was found. Painting supplies were also in the room, and an investigator noticed paint on Price’s pants leg.

While investigators were at the scene, Myers’ mother arrived and said her son was in the woods and did not want to go back to jail. The mother told investigators Myers told her Hopson wanted to be sacrificed so that’s what he did, according to the affidavit.

Myers “hears voices and is satanic,” his mother is quoted as saying in the affidavit, reported.

Myers' car was searched at the residence, and according to the affidavit, found within the vehicle were a shovel, plastic bags, a gallon of gasoline, hammer, tire tool, and a large rock in a trash bag that smelled very strongly like gasoline and the tip of which the investigators considered to be consistent with the head wounds of Hopson.

Investigators sprayed the middle bedroom with forensic fluid that glows when it comes into contact with blood and there was, according to the affidavit, evidence of handprints and wiping marks on the walls. The freshly painted door suggested someone had tried to clean the walls.

During interview with Price, the affidavit says, Price alleged Myers had been participating in cult activity.


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