I-35 in Austin is 10th worst traffic chokepoint in the U.S.

Heavy traffic on Interstate 90, the Kennedy Expressway, is seen in Chicago. A study by an advocacy group found the nation's worst traffic bottleneck in terms of hours of delay is a 12-mile stretch of the Kennedy Expressway near Chicago's Loop business district. The study asserts that congestion cost motorists 16.9 million hours last year and about 6.3 million gallons in wasted fuel. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

The nation's top traffic bottleneck is on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago between the Circle Interchange and Edens junction.

That's the finding of a new study by the American Highway Users Alliance.

The study ranked the top thirty sites where traffic congestion causes a significant loss of time and money, as well as adding to carbon emissions.

Results of the study were turned over to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx this morning at a news conference in Washington.

Overall, the study found that the top 30 chokepoints cost motorists: 39 billion dollars due to lost time; over 830 million gallons of fuel and contribute to over two hundred thousand vehicle crashes.

The Congress is working on a new highway bill that would provide steady funding for six years, instead of the current continuing resolution for highway funding.

Eleven of the 30 most severe chokepoints are in the Los Angeles region, with the New York metropolitan area home to five. The I-35 corridor running through downtown Austin, Texas, is 10th.

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