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DALLAS, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tri Global Energy (, a leading developer of wind energy, and Sunfinity Renewable Energy (, a provider dedicated to residential and business solar energy, have an earth-friendly offering to celebrate Earth Day 2021 (April 22) – a free Kindle download (valued at $12.99) of Texas Wind Force, a 149-page ebook that provides unique insights into the development of the wind industry in Texas.

The e-book will be available for download exclusively at on Thursday, April 22.  Written in cooperation with John B. Billingsley, founder of both Tri Global Energy and Sunfinity, the book begins eight decades ago on the wind-swept landscape of rural West Texas. As a native Texan, Billingsley grew up on a small family cotton farm/ranch, and he realized early on the sheer force of the wind and sun in that environment. Over the course of a lifetime in industries as varied as accounting, banking, real estate and manufacturing, Billingsley gained the knowledge and acumen that perfectly positioned him to reinvent the wind energy business in the early 2000s. (Since its founding in 2009, Tri Global Energy has grown to be one of the top 10 developers of wind power in the United States with most of its early projects currently located in West Texas.)

Wind and solar energy both play an ever-increasing role in America's transition to clean, renewable energy. In March 2021, wind commanded a 38.6% share of the ERCOT electricity market in Texas and claimed the number one spot in total generation. Nationally, the solar industry is expected to grow four times its current size in the coming decade.  Texas Wind Force recaps industry insights, such as the way that John Billingsley's reimagined business model banded together family farmers and ranchers to create multiple major wind farms that delivered jobs and tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues to small communities throughout West Texas. (In fact, these wind farms helped many of these families retain lands that had been in the family for generations.)

The book also shares fascinating details on what goes into developing a wind farm, from community involvement to wildlife and archeological surveys to erecting hundreds of wind turbines that individually can exceed 300 feet in height, with turbine blades weighing 12-18 tons apiece.  The book is richly illustrated throughout.

"With the Biden administration's focus on clean energy, it seems that Earth Day 2021 represents a new era and new hope for renewable energy in America, and the countless benefits it delivers, from jobs to energy independence to a better environment," said Billingsley. "Texas Wind Force reflects a vital era in American renewable energy and sets the stage for an even more significant decade to come."


SOURCE Tri Global Energy


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