There will be extra patrols near Chelsea Creek Apartments following reports of an early morning assault in which a victim says a man reached through a window and groped him in his sleep, police said.

A resident said he was lying in bed early Tuesday morning when “a guy reached through the window and fondled him while he was sleeping,” according to Sergeant Adam Colby of the Tyler Police Department.

“We know it was a physical assault,” Public Information Officer Andy Erbaugh later clarified. “(The suspect) was touching his buttocks.”

A roommate who somehow became aware of the situation “ran out, saw the guy and fired several rounds in the air” in an attempt to get the suspect to leave the property, Colby said.

The rounds came from a handgun, and were not fired directly at the suspect, police confirmed.

No one was injured during the shooting, and the victim fled into nearby woods.

About 6:53 a.m., multiple calls poured into the Tyler Police Department from area residents heard who heard the disturbance and ensuing gunshots.

One of those calls came from the apartment in question, police said.

“The victim called and told us, ‘Hey, somebody opened my window, reached in and started touching me,’” Colby said.

Because the incident happened before sunrise, it was difficult for the victim to provide a full description of the suspect, Colby said. Police have vague details, but are not releasing any further information regarding his identity at this time.

Crime scene units remained on scene collecting evidence until about 11:30 a.m. As of press time, the suspect was not yet in custody and an investigation into the assault continued.

According to residents, there have been some similar reports of strangers trying to break in through windows around Chelsea Creek Apartments in recent weeks.

“We don’t know why (the suspect) was there or if he hit any place else,” Erbaugh said. “So we’ll have extra patrols just to keep an eye out.”

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