flooded yard

Some homes and other buildings may have been built without proper attention to the flow of water when heavier-than-expected rains occur. But even buildings which have previously had perfect drainage and no flooding may develop issues over time. That can happen as the topography of a building’s landscape changes. Perhaps, you’ve made changes to your yard, or yours has been affected as others have made changes to their yards “upstream” from your property.

One common reason for flooding at homes from heavy rains is gutters. Those gutters collect the rain which has fallen over a large portion of the roof and funnel it into one location at the bottom of each downspout. If the water has no easy place to flow from there, puddles and flooding can result.

Regardless of the cause, improper drainage (and the flooding which it can produce) may cause serious and costly damage to a building's foundation. It’s worth investing in good drainage to avoid that altogether when building, or as soon as an issue develops at an existing property.

cracked concrete wall from flooding

The drainage professionals at Petty’s Irrigation, Landscape and Pest Control suggest that while solving drainage problems, design should also be considered. The proper solutions actually add aesthetic value to a landscape, creating beautiful spaces surrounding a home.

If grading the ground isn’t enough (due to driveways, walkways, retaining walls, etc.), proper drainage can incorporate catch basins, channel drains, french drains, dry creek beds and permeable pavers as needed.


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