Channing Tatum will play a merman in 'Splash' remake, a twist on the gender-swap movie


We saw a one-armed, paint-smeared Charlize Theron dominate her enemies in the post-Apocalpytic action flick "Mad Max: Fury Road." We saw four female comedians don orange-striped jumpsuits for the recently released "Ghostbusters" reboot. A cast of women - including Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter and Elizabeth Banks - are reportedly at work on a spinoff of the male-dominated action-comedy "Ocean's 11."

Many people have been thrilled to see female actors increasingly playing the sort of commanding roles that were previously reserved for men. And now, Hollywood has offered a different twist on the gender-swap: On Monday, news broke that Channing Tatum will star as the mermaid - or merman - in a remake of Ron Howard's iconic 1984 sleeper hit, "Splash."

The original film starred Tom Hanks as a man who, as a little boy, was rescued from drowning by a mermaid. When the mermaid, played by Darryl Hannah, returns to land 20 years later to find the child she once saved, the two meet again and (naturally) fall in love.

In the forthcoming remake - produced by Howard and Brian Grazer - Tatum will play the character previously played by Hannah, and Jillian Bell will play the part originally played Hanks.

This news got the Internet - especially feminist corners of the Internet - pretty darned excited.

Bell, who previously appeared alongside Tatum in "21 Jump Street," came up with the idea to flip the gender of the two lead roles, according to Gizmodo.

And why not? Many have been elated to see female actors increasingly playing commanding and powerful roles that were previously reserved for men. But Channing Tatum wearing a sparkly tail fin adds yet another dimension to the diversity of gender roles on the silver screen.


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