Santa Fe teen vandals call 911, are arrested

Courtesy Some teens in Santa Fe were vandalizing windshields, shooting bbs at them. However, they didn't expect one vehicle owner to jump in his car and start chasing them. They were so rattled,they called 911 - and were promptly arrested.

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Police say a group of suspected teen vandals in New Mexico got so rattled when a crime victim chased after them they called 911 and were arrested as a result.

KOAT-TV reports ( range in age from 18 to 15, shot at several windshields with BB guns in a Santa Fe neighborhood, until one victim jumped in his car and followed them.

Officials said the teens called 911, telling the dispatcher the car would speed up whenever they did.

The teens face property damage and drug paraphernalia charges.

It was not known if the teens had attorneys.

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