NYC hospital prescribes fruits and vegetables. New York City doctors are prescribing more than drugs these days. They are giving "health bucks" to obese and overweight low-income residents as part of GrowNYC. The initiative aims to increase low-income residents' access to locally grown foods, potentially cutting their risk of chronic diseases. Participants can use vouchers at more than 140 NYC farmers' markets. They also receive nutrition counseling.

Mystery bug spreads to eight states, including Texas. The Northeast Texas Public Health District on Thursday confirmed two cases of cyclosporiasis in Smith County. Cyclosporiasis is an intestinal illness caused by the parasite cyclospora cayetanensis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there have been nearly 300 cases in at least eight states. At least 18 people have been hospitalized.

It is a foodborne illness but no single food has been implicated. However, health officials are pointing to fresh vegetables.

The illness is treated with antibiotics. Symptoms include diarrhea, cramping, nausea, weight loss, bloating and gas. Symptoms can last for more than a month if untreated. Washing produce and hands might cut the risk of developing an intestinal illness.

Study: Sex addiction not a real disorder. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, say sex addiction may not be a real disorder. For years, sex addiction has been considered a disorder by mental health officials and blamed for the destruction of marriages. Brain scans revealed that in so-called hypersexual people, their brain responses to sexual pictures were not indicative of an addiction. The report is in the online edition of the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology.


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