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The Penn State University Arboretum located shortly off campus.

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Washington, D.C. – Climate research tied to commercial agricultural is a hot topic, one that continues to be funded by the government. 

The latest $9 million investment, announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday, Jan. 12, promises to create new partnerships, including partnerships with higher education institutions.

The investments are specifically directed toward two programs, the Cooperative Extension and USDA Climate Hubs partnerships. The investment is part of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), the nation’s leading competitive grants program for agricultural sciences. 

Pennsylvania State University will undergo one of the initial six funded projects, receiving a sum of $1,500,000. 

Pennsylvania State is expected to create an education program to help private forests adapt and mitigate climate change; prepare minority owners to take advantage of carbon market opportunities; and prepare the forestry extension workforce to better serve their clients in forest carbon and climate issues.

The efforts will be in collaboration with the Northern Forests and Southeast Climate Hubs. 


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