ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The Albuquerque City Council is ready to hold a special meeting to discuss police reforms, just days after angry activists forced councilors to prematurely end an earlier session.

Amid heightened security, councilors started with a regular budget meeting Thursday afternoon and planned to follow that with the special meeting.

Under new rules, officials prohibited signs, props and any other campaign material.

On Monday, demonstrators took over the regularly scheduled council meeting. They chanted for the ouster of the police chief, shouted at council members and caused so much disruption that the panel's president adjourned the meeting.

Protesters also tried to serve a "people's arrest warrant" on Police Chief Gorden Eden.

Albuquerque police are being scrutinized following a harsh report from the U.S. Justice Department that highlighted excessive use of force.

There have been 39 officer-involved shootings in the city since 2010.


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