While many people need to work from home as the coronavirus spreads, some do not have the proper technology available to work remotely.

WorkHub, a company in Tyler that offers small businesses and entrepreneurs office space and a work community, is aiding people in such situations while adapting to sanitation needs and social distancing standards.

“There are a lot of people in the community who come into the office because they don’t have the infrastructure to work at home,” said Chief Executive Officer Yaziri Orrostieta. “We felt it was our duty to be a resource and solution, a place where people can earn a living and do business.”

The company gives clientele access to fiber, and offers technology for videoconferencing and allows users to connect with multiple people.

Since the coronavirus outbreak has led to an increased need of social distancing, WorkHub is adapting to keep people safe as they work.

The building accommodates up to 500 people, in a space of one person per suite. Only one person is allowed per table and the cleaning staff bleaches surfaces and items every hour. Clients are asked to clean when they finish working as well. Community areas such as the gym, library, coffee area and gaming hub are closed, said Orrostieta.

“We want to balance the demand of the community and their needs, however members’ health is the most important,” said Orrostieta.

The company prides itself in not only serving as a workspace for its members but also offering a sense of community through activities that are often open to the general public.

Normally on Fridays, WorkHub partners with True Vine Brewing Co. at the end of the work day to host a $5 Friday “beer 30” at which people share their success stories and challenges, Orrostieta said. They are continuing the trend by inviting the community to participate virtually.

They have also partnered with yoga instructors to invite people to do the classes with a virtual trainer, and leadership coaches come in twice a week to share encouraging words.

“The goal of the company is to help people who are working to fulfill the American dream,” said Orrostieta. “A lot of people who are just starting up a business move from their garage to an office. During this pandemic, we want to be a resource to the community.”

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