VIDEOS: Police make bank robbery arrest minutes after theft

Landon Riley Womack

Tyler police apprehended a man suspected of a bank robbery just moments after the alarm sounded. Landon Ri-ley Womack, 30, is charged with aggravated robbery and is awaiting arraignment in the Smith County Jail.

Don Martin, Tyler Police Department spokesman, said the alarm from the Austin Bank on the corner of Houston Street and South Beckham Avenue came into the police station at 12:53 p.m. Monday.

"We responded immediately and saturated the area with officers looking for a suspect. The description had been put out to all of the officers and just eight minutes later one of our officers spotted a man fitting that description about a block from here," he said.

Martin said evidence was taken from the man pointing to him as the suspect.

"The suspect was in possession of a bag that contained the cash from the bank and the weapon he used to commit the robbery," he said.

Frank Cardinell, a witness, said he heard a loud noise outside and went to look and thought for a moment he was going to have to assist the first officer to confront the suspect.

Cardinell said Womack was being combative and resisting arrest.

"I thought I was going to have to throw my britches on and help him out, but I saw (the officer) tap his mic, and I bet it wasn't a minute and there was 10 squads (cars) and two motorcycles, so I didn't have a need. This officer down there (pointing at a particular officer) came up and put a clamp on him," he said.

Cardinell said with all of the bad stories about how police handle situations, he thought the Tyler police handled the situation safely and efficiently, despite the man being combative.

"The cops came from everywhere, but he was being combative even then. I thought he was going to get tazed," he said, laughing.

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