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Obamacare. Government slim down or shutdown? Stop Obamacare or stop fighting Obamacare? Business insider reported that more than 10 million unique visitors made it to the Health Exchange Website on day one while Time Politics is tweeting that the president has asked celebrities to share their perspective through social media. What we really want to know is what our community thinks. Email, facebook message or tweet your thoughts,  perspective or video interview and let us know how you feel about this, if you believe it impacts you or what you think the solution may be. No matter what your opinion, stay in tune with what your community believes by picking up your Thursday Tyler Morning Telegraph for accurate in-depth coverage or visit our web site for ongoing coverage of these trending issues.


A few other afternoon topics you should know about are the FBI has taken down an alleged internet drug market, your wireless gadgets could be approved for gate-to-gate on-flight use and Hunt for Red October author Tom Clancy has died at age 66.


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