HARRISON COUNTY (KYTX) - A man who held his father hostage was shot by law enforcement during a standoff on FM 31 in Elysian Fields around 8:00 Saturday night.

Law enforcement was alerted of the situation when the suspect, Bruce McMeans, 53, called 911 requesting an ambulance for his father, adding he didn't want to see any deputies come to the home, threatening if law enforcement showed up he would shoot his father.

Soon after the initial call from the suspect, a neighbor who heard gunshots from the home called law enforcement. By that time EMS and deputies had put together a staging area where they contacted the suspect by phone.

During the two phone conversations, law enforcement found out McMeans had recently moved in with his father who has Alzheimers. McMeans went on to tell deputies, he would shoot deputies and his father.

When conversations stopped, deputies planned to surround the house and take McMeans into custody, however due to the home being an isolated property it was too hard to see and hard to get to safely.

Due to a lengthy criminal history deputies decided against making a direct attack on the suspect and instead brought in a helicopter and a Longview armored vehicle.

When crews finally made it close enough to the home, they saw the suspect standing near the home holding a rifle. After ignoring orders to drop the weapon the man was shot in the hip ultimately dropping he weapon.

The suspect was taken into custody with non-life threatening injuries. When law enforcement entered the home, they found the suspects father lying on the floor naked, and disoriented but un-injured.

Another family member was called out to the home to care for the elderly father.No word has been released on what charges McMeans will face.

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