ATHENS (KYTX) — An East Texas mother's bond is now set at $2 million. Stacie Marie Parsons was arraigned in the Henderson County jail this morning. She is charged with the capital murder of her 4 year old daughter, Victoria Wyatt.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to the child's family. The child's father says, for years, it's been the norm for the mother to lash out in anger. The mother is said to have been verbally abusive, never physically abusive. So when the father threatened to leave, his biggest fear, she would simply get angry again. He said that was a fatal mistake.

This little girl's smiling face will never be seen alive again. For her dad, Gary Wyatt Junior, it's devastating.

"She took my kid."

Four-year-old Victoria Wyatt's shoes and toys sit in a room never to be used again.

"Luckily the police got her before I did," said the child's grandfather Gary Wyatt.

With tears in his eyes, Wyatt senior asked, "Who would kill their baby, who would kill their baby?"

The child's mother Stacie Parsons was arrested and booked into the Henderson County jail when she told police she had killed Victoria at one location, before bringing the body back to the family home.

"Something told me to open the trunk and there she was in a plastic bag... And I saw her little leg hanging out of that plastic bag," said family friend Randy Dyess.

Investigators haven't released an exact cause of death, however, the family says, when Parsons returned without Victoria, they knew something wasn't right.

Dyess said, "What kind of evil does that, I hope she gets the death penalty."

The men said, when they pulled the child's body from the trunk and attempted CPR, water came out, indicating to them she may have been drown.

"That's my only daughter," said Wyatt Jr.

He said the night before he told Parsons he wanted a divorce. Just weeks before that he'd gotten an inkling of what was to come.

"She actually told me if I leave... she was gonna kill the baby... That's just angry talk, I never thought for a second she' d actually do it," he said.

While this family tries to understand why, investigators will be working. For now, life is sure to be a lot different for this grieving family.

"It's gonna be awful, I'm gonna wake up in the house alone."

The father says the girl was supposed to enroll in pre-school Monday, so when he woke up and the mother and child were gone, he thought they had just gone without him.

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