Van teachers receive over $14,000 in grants to fund 12 projects


The Van ISD Education Foundation surprised 27 teachers with over $14,000 in grants to fund 12 projects on four Van ISD campuses.

The Foundation awards grants each fall.

Teachers submitted grant proposals during September. In October, the foundation's programs committee met to review all the grant applications. The following teachers were awarded grants:

Pre-K and Head Start teachers Linda Housden, Nola Beard, Catie Wilson and Jana Veader received $535 for a project titled "Rub a Dub Dub Wee Vandals in Sensory Tubs."

The Van Middle School math department and inclusion teachers teamed up to write a campuswide grant for $2,300 that will purchase a program called Reflex Math that is designed to increase math fact fluency while engaging students in a video game format.

The sixth grade math team also wrote a grant for a program called Rubik's Cube Math which uses manipulatives to teach math strands and concepts in a fun and challenging way.

Van Middle School science teacher Rachel Canfield received funding for an aquarium that will enable students to interact with a living ecosystem that will not only add educational value to their day but also the opportunity to care for living things and practice responsibility.

Van Middle School counselor Marcie Hutchins and Junior High counselor Melissa Mitchell joined forces to propose a grant guidance curriculum that will help students in grades 4 through 8 deal with the social challenges that come with being a preteen and teenager in today's world.

Seventh grade science teachers Amy Moffatt and Rodney Rainey were given $1,140 for a project that will allow junior high students the opportunity to dissect specimens and get a real hands-on experience to see what is normally hidden inside living organisms.

Another grant supporting science was awarded to Bri Fowles for $2,300 that will allow all eighth grade students the opportunity to attend a unique field trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Van Junior High teacher Christie White was awarded a grant for $500 so she can purchase Spanish books for use on iPads or iPhones for her students to increase comprehension, fluency, grammar and vocabulary skills in Spanish technology as a tool for learning.

Van Junior High teachers Lauren Gossett, Amy Creamer and Pam Goode were awarded $1,046 to purchase an app for all junior high students that will help them develop reading comprehension skills and a firm understanding of the writing process while having fun at the same time.

Van High School math teacher Donna Rainwater was awarded $970 to purchase wired numeric keypads for use with iPads to make mathematical data entry less frustrating and enable students to work more efficiently with their iPads.

Choir teacher Kelly Lockwood was awarded $996 to purchase Jamstiks for students to use with their iPads as a virtual guitar teacher. While working either as a group or independently, the students will be able to explore the world of guitar as well as digital and traditional composition at age appropriate levels.

Journalism teacher Jean-ette Germany was awarded $1,000 for a project that seeks to make history with the Vandalite for the yearbook.

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