UPDATE: Taser was not effective on teen girl charging police with knife, chief says

Kristiana Coignard

UPDATE: LONGVIEW (KYTX)- Longview Police Chief Don Dingler held a press conference this afternoon to talk about the officer-involved shooting death of Kristiana Coignard.

Chief Dingler named the officers involved as Officer Glenn Derr, Officer Grace Bagly and Officer Duffy. All three are on paid, administrative leave.

Dingler says Coignard picked up the phone in the police lobby and asked for help, but wouldn't say what the problem was. Officer Glenn Derr arrived first and Coignard told him she was carrying a gun. When Derr tried to subdue her, he saw a large butcher knife in her waistband that she was reaching for.

Officer Duffy arrived and attempted to use his taser on Coignard, but it didn't work. Coignard charged Derr, and he fired his gun three times while Officer Bagley fired twice. Coignard was hit four times.

She was taken to Good Shepherd Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Chief Dingler says this is an active investigation and will be turned over to the Gregg County District Attorney when it's ready.


BY KENNETH DEAN, kdean@tylerpaper.com

LONGVIEW - The Longview Police Department released video of last week's officer-involved shooting that killed 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard, who was shot in the department's lobby. 

The video showed Ms. Coignard enter the lobby and stand at a window for a lengthy time before the first officer arrived. 

Once the first officer arrived, the two became involved in an altercation in which the officer was able to get her down into a chair, where she stayed for several minutes.

The officer then backed up and she got up quickly. He took her to the ground, where he was on top of her.

The officer then got off of her just seconds before the second and third officers arrived in the lobby.

Standing and holding a large knife, Ms. Coignard then ran at the first officer with the knife raised, as another officer used a Taser on the young woman.

As she continued toward the first officer, he and an another officer fired their weapons before her body fell to the lobby floor.

Police said Ms. Coignard said she was armed with a gun when the first officer arrived, and it wasn't until just before she charged that he knew it was a large knife. 

We will have more on this story as it becomes available.  



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