Our Melissa McTee has your news update for September 1, 2016. The Tyler Police Department is investigating recently burglaries of at least eight churches in the Tyler area. According to information provided by the police department, the suspect is said to be forcing his way into churches by breaking a window or door and is looking for a safe or cash once inside. The suspect has been caught on church video. Here we have video of a helicopter hovering just above a line of trees in East Texas yesterday, where an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration can be seen securing a bale of marijuana to a hanging cable for removal. Dozens of law enforcement officials, including officials with the Smith County Sheriff's Office, scattered the area to work through thousands of plants, clearing out the latest in series of marijuana fields discovered off of Highway 271 near the Upshur County line. Sheriff Larry Smith said his office worked with local and federal agencies to investigate the crop over the past few months after receiving information about from someone who wandered across the field. Smith said no suspects were in the field when law enforcement arrived, but he expects arrests to be made as the investigation continues. The newest flavor from Blue Bell won’t be hard to spot on your next trip to the grocery store. Or will it? Camo ‘n Cream Ice Cream, packaged in a unique carton decorated in a camouflage design created from the Blue Bell cow and girl logo, arrives in stores today.Camo ‘n Cream is a colorful combination of three great tasting ice cream flavors- Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate and cream cheese – swirled together in a camouflage pattern. Camo ‘n Cream is available in limited quantities in the half gallon and pint sizes. For more information about Blue Bell and for a list of flavors now available in stores visit bluebell.com. For these stories and more check our website tylerpaper.com Thanks for watching and check back in for more news updates throughout your day