The Texas Department of State Health Services advised Tyler Animal Services that one skunk submitted for analysis tested positive for rabies. 

The skunk was found near the 2300 block of Kingsmill St. in Tyler.  The known individuals and animals that may have been exposed have been identified and addressed.

To aid in the prevention of rabies, it is critical for people not to handle bats, skunks, raccoons or other wild animals. 

It is also important for children to tell their parents of any contact with any wild or sick animals.  If you or anyone you know has been bitten by an animal, the bite incident must be reported to the Local Rabies Control Authority for proper investigation.

Tyler Animal Services advises all residents to confirm that their dogs and cats are currently vaccinated for rabies.  City of Tyler Smith County laws require an annual rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats.  It is a Class C misdemeanor for failure to vaccinate a dog or cat by four months of age.  Preventive immunization for rabies is the only effective defense against this always-fatal disease.

Anyone with questions on rabies control may contact city of Tyler Animal Control at 903-535-0045.

Caroline Sanchez is a senior public relations specialist for the city of Tyler.

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