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There will be a temporary change to municipal water in the coming month, and some customers may notice changes in taste, odor and color.

The city of Tyler announced Thursday that Tyler Water Utilities would change its drinking water disinfection process from Oct. 21 to Nov. 18.

The city said in a news release it currently uses a combination of free chlorine and ammonia to disinfect the water supply, and will convert the chemicals back to just free chlorine.

It also will be taking steps to remove iron particles from water lines, but some iron particles will make it into water lines, so affected customers should temporarily flush their faucets, tubs and toilets and avoid washing clothes in discolored water.

“It is standard industry practice to periodically convert chloramines back to free chlorine to improve and maintain the highest water quality standards in potable water distribution systems,” the news release said.

The release said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality support this annual process as a way to maintain water quality. It has been used in Tyler since 2014.

Periodic pressure drops may also be experienced due to the city’s extensive flushing efforts. Noticeable water quality changes associated with conversions are normally short-lived and are not public health risks, according to the city.

The city says the water will remain safe to drink for all customers, but dialysis patients should consult with their physicians, and those relying on tap water for aquariums may need to change how they treat the water.

The Tyler Water Utilities phone number is 903-531-1285.



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