Thursday’s weather fluctuated between the high 50s and low 60s. And as the snow slowly disappeared and the sun warmed the city of Tyler, people took full advantage of the nice weather.

Visitors and residents used the sunshine for walking, practicing activities, meetings, sipping coffee and working on schoolwork.

Julia De Rosario, Tyler Junior College student, broke out of her normal routine and went to Bergfeld Park to listen to music and work on homework.

She said the snow was different from a typical East Texas winter.

“I try to run everyday, even in the snow,” De Rosario said. “I look at people’s roofs and just look at the snow. It’s chilly but it’s comfortable.”

De Rosario said she just came back from a trip to Colorado. When she returned, to her surprise, Texas also had snow.

“It’s just a drastic change,” she said. “It snowed and now it’s hot and sunny. I miss the snow.”

Paul Batish, Tyler resident and Bergfeld Park regular, went out to practice fly-fishing, a fishing method in which wet flies are used to catch fish.

The activity requires a specialized weighted line, which is usually light. The person fishing needs different mechanics and casting, which Batish was practicing.

He found the space at the park useful to practice.

“That’s one of the things I like about Texas. I feel blessed,” he said. “It’s nice to get a taste of snow and then change to these winter, hot days.”

Batish added the snow had stopped him from going to the park to practice.

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