As rooms were flooding at Studio 6 Hotel on the north side of Tyler, co-owner Sam Nitesh used the hotel’s remaining amount of gas to cook food to provide for the residents.

Nitesh said Thursday he cut room rates in half to $40 due to the winter storm. In addition to regular residents, many homeless people came to the hotel to have shelter from the cold weather.

Just like many other residences in the Tyler area, the hotel also saw significant water damage as a result of busted pipes and water flowing into a few of the rooms.

This week, Nitesh noticed customers carrying water out of their rooms with a bucket, but when he opened their rooms he didn’t see a leak.

{div dir=”auto”}”It was the rooms upstairs or the room next to them, where the pipe burst where you can’t even open the door since it’s too much water,” he said. “It’s just filled up where you can’t walk and that happened to five rooms. And then the whole main pipeline, there’s no saying if it’s burst with all this ice you can’t see. We’re trying to wait till the ice melts and we can check the whole pipe to see if that’s the problem or not.”{/div}

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{div dir=”auto”}Nitesh said he’s lucky the leak wasn’t a major water main and that hotel employees can repair the few rooms. {/div}

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{div dir=”auto”}To help his customers, Nitesh used propane gas to cook chicken and sausages for hotel residents and passersby of the hotel as well.

“We had a little bit of gas left. I cooked up all the food I could,” he said. “Some of the customers who have been living here for six or seven months they brought all the food they had. I’ve been cooking up food that we had left as much as we could help. That day we used it — cooked some sausages, chicken and we gave it to the people.”

Nitesh’s father has owned the Studio 6 Hotel, located at 2739 W NW Loop 323 in Tyler, for three years. Over that time, they’ve added internet, renovated rooms, painted the exterior and worked on the hotel’s water and electrical systems.

“We just upped the place 100% after we bought it, slowly,” Nitesh said. “As much revenue we get, we use it on this (the hotel), but it’s been tough right now with the weather and everything. We have to every work again since the pipe burst again, boilers gone out, rooms have to be re-renovated because of the weather since Tyler shut the water off.”

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