TYLER (KYTX) - On a day that falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is when local businesses thrive .

"Our small businesses are what keep our streets repaired and all of our local things going."

Angie Bullington is the owner of Christmas store in Tyler. She says small business Saturday offers another option to shop during the holidays.

"With it being in between the holiday weekend the families, and stuff are in town and so instead of taking them to the big box stores you're going to bring them to your local stores."

The Christmas Store has been in business since 1978. Bullington attributes the success to having personal connections with the customers.

"It's personal, I think that makes it so much better because it's such a personal thing to us. It's not just people shopping and spending money it's making people happy and helping people."

For Bullington this interaction is how a small business should operate.

"I believe customer service is what makes a business and we try to do that in both of our stores and I think if you have customer service you're going to have return customers."

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