After locking arms, praying and swaying side to side to gospel songs with other students who gathered around the flagpoles at Three Lakes Middle School, Haleigh Williams, 13, said being able to worship God with her peers was very moving.

“I love that everyone is singing and praying, and everyone is gathering around the pole and worshiping our Lord Savior Jesus,” Miss Williams, an eighth-grader at the school, said.

At the “See You at the Pole” event on Wednesday morning, Miss Williams was part of a group of around 150 Christian students at Three Lakes who gathered at the flagpoles to worship and praise God.

"See You at the Pole" is a global movement of prayer that is student organized, according to, a website that describes the event.

Peyton Neill, worship pastor at Central Baptist Church in Tyler, helped lead students during the event with songs and prayer and said the purpose was for them to grow stronger in their faith.

“I think with them, it’s really important right now to be bold specifically with their faith, because that’s what it’s going to take for them to live a life of Christ as they grow older and get into the world,” Neill said.

He also said it gave the students a great opportunity to shine their lights while at school.

“(The purpose) is to make sure we’re bringing Jesus into our schools with every chance that we get,” he said. “Most importantly, the purpose is for the name of Jesus Christ to be magnified for everyone to see.”

Three Lakes seventh-grade student Hayden McCullough, 12, said he is thankful for the event and that he felt it drew him closer to his peers.

“It makes me feel more like I have people I can depend on throughout my day now, and it makes me feel like that we all have something in common,” McCullough said.

He added that the event also served as a reminder for Christian students.

“It reminds us to be a light in our schools,” he said.

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