LONGVIEW (KYTX) - While crime in Longview continues to be a pressing issue, the stereotypical division of north and south Longview was a prevalent topic of discussion at Monday's town hall meeting.

Councilwoman Kasha Williams called the meeting to be held at the Broughton Recreation Center, hoping to discuss issues the community is facing.

"Well, we typically host at least one town hall meeting per year," Williams said. "As soon as we are provided the opportunity, we set it up, usually around this time of the year."

While town hall meetings are common, this one comes just three days after Longview's record-high thirteenth homicide this year. Beyond the issue of crime, one of the main issues discussed was the division of north and south Longview. Concerned citizens brought up many questions related to certain improvements or opportunities they see available in north Longview but not south Longview.

Councilwoman Williams did show concern about many of these issues and said a stronger, more involved voice from the people of south Longview is necessary for real improvement.

"Continued involvement is so important as we continue to move forward," Williams said. "And not only that, it's the glue. The residents are the glue that keep the community together. And our job is to carry out their desires to the best of our abilities within the law."

Williams also said these face-to-face meetings allow direct issues to be brought up the city might not even know about otherwise.

"What I value most is the opportunity to hear from the citizens," Williams said. "That's important. They are the guiding force upon how decisions are made. We rely heavily on their input to proceed. There are certain things that we don't always know about."

Like any serious issue, Williams said to truly alleviate this problem, many steps are going to need to be taken in a process that will simply take time.

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