TYLER (KYTX) - The do's and don'ts when it comes to uprooted trees, downed power lines, and flooded roads. Flooding is just one of the safety concerns for East Texans right now.

Slick, wet roads are dangerous and can be life-threatening.

"Flooded roads, I would not cross them," says Villalpando. Louis villalpando is a firefighter with the Winona Fire Department. He says one of the biggest issues drivers do is let their foot off the brake.

"A lot of people tend to put their cruise control on and they tend to leave it on while it's raining and that's really bad," explains Villalpando.

Another problem, not looking both ways. That's what caused this accident on Highway 271 earlier today.

Villalpando explains, "They don't pay attention too well and they're in a hurry so they just look one way and look the right and they think they can just go."

East Texans also need to be cautious of downed power lines.

"The main thing to remember in any kind of storm situation like this is treat every power line like it's alive," states Hill.

Charles Hill with Oncor urges everyone to stay far away from any power line.

Hills says, "Leave it alone, call Oncor, call your electric provider, call 911. Let someone know and we'll send people out to make sure it's dead, to get it out of the way. Don't try to do it yourself."

Also, don't clean up the mess until the storm has passed and crews are on site. Hill says, "We tell people be very very careful as you start to do work after the storm."

Plus, drivers need to watch out for blind spots at all times.

Power companies also say don't assume they know your lights are off. Call right away to double check or if it's an emergency call 911.


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