An organization formed in New York in the aftermath of 9/11 brought its Stars of Hope bus to St. Paul United Methodist Church in Tyler this week.

The mission of Stars of Hope, which is under the umbrella of the New York Says Thank You Foundation, is to empower “children of all ages to transform communities and individuals in need of hope through the power of art and messages of healing.”

The group says its 80,000 volunteers include schoolchildren, families, seniors, first responders, veterans and active military who paint inspirational words, messages and designs on 1-foot wooden stars, according to the organization’s website.

These Stars of Hope are displayed in public places in communities in the immediate and long-term aftermath of tragedy, serving as beacons of hope and compassion for all to see, according to the website.

St. Paul Children’s Foundation furnished the artists for the stars painted in Tyler, which will be displayed on the fence across from the church, 215 S. Clayton Ave., said the Rev. Katherine Hallam Scott, and at Andrews Park and Kidd Field at St. Paul Children’s Foundation, 1358 E. Richards St.

“It is a sweet story in the midst of a world that is hurting,” Scott said.

One of the stars went to Dr. Duane Andrews, namesake of the park, she said. Andrews is a founding board member of the St. Paul Children’s Foundation and helped establish the St. Paul’s Pediatric Clinic.

“One is going to an Iranian-American ER doctor who struggles with chaos in his native land,” Scott added. “Some may go in food bank boxes and on hospital visits.”