Smith County election officials reported delays in calculating complete but unofficial results for Tuesday's election. 

Election Administrator Karen Nelson said tallying votes from county wide voting centers is taking longer than is typical. This is the first election that voters were allowed to vote at any of 34 locations.

More than 98 percent of the voting precincts have been calculated. 

Voting machines provide ballots based on the individual voter’s precinct at any location rather than require voters to visit precinct-specific locations to vote. It’s a convenience for voters but requires a longer process for calculating votes, she said.

Staff also has been unable to access votes in one electronic voting machine, she said. A voting machine vendor technician was expected to arrive and repair the machine. Mrs. Nelson said the voting data should not be compromised.

“We had that problem, and this process just takes longer,” she said. “We’re moving as fast as we can but won’t move too fast that we risk making mistakes.”

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