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The cities of Winona, Troup, Bullard and Lindale have all canceled or are planning to cancel their May 1 elections this month due a lack of contested races.

All of the applicants for city elections have been either the incumbents or one applicant, who no one else is running against.

The city of Winona had three seats open at large, meaning candidates could live anywhere within the city limits. Karen Hysell, Craig Attaway and Terry Cole currently hold the positions.

Troup also had three seats open for its city council election, including Place 1 held by Jeff Hale, Place 3 held by Brandi Barton and Place 4 by Chip Richardson.

The city of Bullard had two council seats open at large and the seat was open for mayor. The seats will continued to filled by councilmembers Mark Anderson and Lane McDaniel and Mayor Pam Frederick.

In the city of Lindale, the mayor seat, which currently belongs to Jeff Daughtery, was open for election, as well as one council position in Place 2. The current council member in Place 2 is Yvonne Martin.

The cities of Overton and Whitehouse will hold their elections in November. The city of Arp only holds elections on even numbered years, therefore there will not be an election until next year.

The city of Noonday was not available for information as of Tuesday. Candidates running for city office in Hideaway include Doug Hoffman, Margorie Lynn Ferrell and Tony Johns. Once elected, they will be assigned to the two available positions, Place 1 and Place 2.

The city of Tyler will have contested races, including Districts 1, 3 and 5 city council seats.