The Smith County Sheriff’s Office says to be aware of a warrant scam in the area.

A Smith County resident received a phone call in which the caller identified himself by name as a sheriff’s office investigator, according to a Smith County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The caller told the victim there was a warrant for his arrest and gave instructions to purchase a $600 gift card, all while remaining on the line. The caller then asked for the gift card’s code.

When investigators called the number back, it reached a voicemail with a pirated copy of the named investigator’s voicemail.

“At no time will anyone from the Smith County Sheriff’s Office, or any law enforcement agency, call an individual and request cash or monetary payment for any criminal offense or warrant,” the news release said.

The sheriff’s office also says to never provide a credit card number or personal information such as a Social Security number, birthdate or driver's license number over the phone unless the person is the one to initiate the call with a known business.

Those who receive a similar call should hang up and call the Smith County Sheriff’s Office at 903-566-6600, or another local law enforcement agency.

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