Jacksonville police continue to watch for fake Mexico identification cards after a group of them were seized earlier this week, Sgt. Paul Allen said.

Allen said a local resident found the cards on the side of Farm-to-Market Road 347 while cleaning brush, and was suspicious because different names appeared on the same identification cards.

He said five of the cards were Mexico identification cards while six were U.S. employment authorization cards.

"Four had the same picture with two different names," he added.

He said Mexico identification cards are not a valid form of identification during traffic stops because they can be forged so easily, and there is not a good way to prove their authenticity.

"If the person has a good laser printer and plastic cards, they could print them out all day," Allen said.

Therefore, he said someone who is stopped could potentially be arrested if they don't have other valid identification, and police are warning area businesses that Mexico identification cards should not be accepted as valid identification when people apply for loans or cash checks.

And he said he's confident there are more counterfeit Mexico identification cards out there.

"They're definitely in circulation. Where they're coming from (is unclear)," he said.

For now, he said police will be on the lookout for other fake Mexico identification cards.

"We treat this the same as any other criminal issue, and so long as we don't accept the cards as a form of identification then it is not an issue for us," Police Chief Reece Daniel added via email.


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