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Expressable, a {span}Texas-Based Online Speech Therapy Practice offers virtual speech therapy sessions through phone calls and messaging. {/span}

With the shutdown of schools and speech therapy clinics, children and adults who suffer speech disorders are suddenly unable to access traditional avenues of therapy sessions.

In an attempt to provide an affordable speech therapy option to people during the COVID-19 shutdowns, Expressable, a Texas-based online speech pathology service is offering virtual sessions with certified speech language pathologists at a 50% off discount.

They also provide a hotline in which parents can call to receive guidance on how to help their speech impaired child and will be sent free online resources and information.

The company will not make a profit from the online therapy sessions at this time and the amount charged goes strictly towards ensuring the therapists are paid, said Spencer Magloff, cofounder of Expressable.

“During this time of need we are trying to do our art and provide vital services for families who may not have access to speech and language resources,” said Magloff. “Speech improvement requires ongoing and routine practice; being cut off from these resources can stifle progress.”

The services offered encompass a broad range of speech and language needs, including therapy for difficulty with articulation, stutters, language comprehension, and reading readiness, said Malgoff.

“Different speech language pathologists specialize in different things,” said Malgoff. “This service matches you with a specialists that fits your specific needs.”

After registering online, a free consultation is provided in which the client will discuss their goals with their specialists.

Registration can be accessed through

The therapy will be conducted via video or phone call and the client also has the ability to contact their therapist via message from nine to five Monday through Friday.

Although it cannot substitute clinical services, a hotline is also available for parents who need access to resources and activities for their children who may struggle with speech disabilities.

To reach the hotline, call (512) 399-0064.

Questions will be answered and follow up resources such as informational videos and exercises will be provided electronically.


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