As the yoga instructor tells her class to move into downward dog, a goat hops on a student’s back to help out.

Next to them, another student pets a goat while she poses. Nearby, two baby goats zip around, exploring the pen and saying hello to class members at Oh My Goat yoga just outside of Palestine.

About 20 minutes from Palestine off Texas Highway 19, Cherry Russell has brought a Pinterest dream board to life. Oh My Goat consists of a rustic-chic barn, room to hang out and outdoor enclosures to enjoy the weather while getting Zen with the stars of the show, the goats.

There are about a dozen goats, ranging from babies to full grown, and they love attention.

A recent Saturday yoga session was followed by group painting, and the baby goats, Sugarbear and Junebug, got in on the action. Russell said the business, which opened in September, is also open to hosting other types of events and can even bring the goats to you.

“It’s just an opportunity to do something different than your daily life,” she said. “Get some stress relief chilling and meditating with the goats.”

As attendees began arriving, they hung out in the barn, met the baby goats and some chickens, and checked out merchandise made with goat’s milk.

Oh My Goat provides the yoga mats, since the goats have a tendency to nibble. Russell said people often are a bit intimidated at first, but quickly find that the goats are friendly and love to socialize.

“It’s fun, especially if you’re an animal lover,” attendee Sydney Taylor said. “It’s definitely something everyone should try.”

The goats loved Taylor as much as she did them, and she got to spend the session with sometimes three or four goats vying for her attention.

Every so often students would stop in midpose to pet a goat or laugh as the goats rolled around on the mat as if they were trying to pose as well.

The babies stayed close to instructor Stacy Bass for most of the class, helping her keep everyone’s attention.

Upcoming events include a free stress relief class on July 14 and a Date Night Goat Yoga session on July 20. The venue also offers “Goat Time” in case people want to hang out with the goats without the yoga.

“Come have fun and relax,” Russell said. “Do something crazy for the day.”

Cory is a multimedia journalist and member of the Education Writers Association, Criminal Justice Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors. He has appeared on Crime Watch Daily and Grave Mysteries on Investigation Discovery.

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